Horse Schools

The International Guide to Universities, Colleges, Preparatory and Secondary Schools, and Specialty Equine Programs  —  5th Edition by Angelia Almos

Revised and updated, this indispensable guide features more than 500 universities, colleges, preparatory and secondary schools, and specialty programs in thirty countries throughout the world that specialize in equine studies. It is the best source of information available for parents of horse-crazy children, college-bound equestrians, and students desiring a career with horses.

* A self quiz to help the prospective student decide what school is most appropriate

* List of possible equestrian careers

* Icons that show a school’s areas of specialization

* School profiles include email addresses, web sites, degrees and majors offered, description of their programs, tuition and horse-related expenses, facility
summaries, and opportunities to compete

* A list of equine-oriented scholarships

* Descriptions and a list of intercollegiate and interscholastic equestrian associations around the world


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Horse Schools Articles

The following ebooks are articles that I wrote for various equine periodicals on the subject of equine education and searching for colleges.



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